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Welcome to ftc – the Food and Drink Training and Education Council

If you’re looking for expert advice on food industry training and skills development you’ve come to the right place. We’re a one-stop shop for information about food apprenticeships and training, food qualifications and training providers. As a charitable organisation our motivation is people, not profit. That being said we believe driving up skills can drive up profits too – so it’s a win-win situation. Our aims quite simply are to:

  • Champion food qualifications to increase professionalism, raise standards and boost productivity in the workplace 
  • Help employers find the best training and apprenticeships to equip their people with the skills they need to do their jobs 
  • Raise awareness and appeal of food industry careers to help employers attract new talent into the workforce
  • Campaign for the development and funding of appropriate training, qualifications, and apprenticeships 
  • Connect employers with apprenticeship training providers who deliver the training they need

Apprenticeships today put employers in the driving seat to help develop training programmes that are tailored to the needs of the job. But knowing what you need is one thing. Developing a government approved apprenticeship is quite another.

That’s where ftc come in. Our team are all food industry or vocational training specialists, so you can count on us for advice grounded in real experience. That experience helps us get the job done. We work with employer groups and the Department for Education to design and develop food industry apprenticeships, often in record time. 

If your industry needs a new apprenticeship or qualification to fill a skills gap or raise standards, talk to us.

MMA Training Scheme of the Year Winner 2020

To find out how food skills training and apprenticeships can help your employees help your business to grow why not get in touch?
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